March Madness and why sports are important

imageI am not a basketball fan in case you were wondering, I am a sports fan. ¬†Recent events on the basketball court during March Madness is a demonstration of one reason sports are important. Kevin Ware’s injury was an opportunity for his team to either fall apart or go on and play a great game. It was reported that Mr. Ware told is team to “just go win the game” which they did. ¬†We learn as athlete’s to support one another and fight for each other. This is a mental skill, finishing the game despite what has happened. This is the kind of situation where we learn that we have to dig deep and focus not just for ourselves, but for everyone else as well.

This translate well into the real world since we often are on a team or leading a team. I think those people who experience the working and bonding with a team as a child and teenager are given an edge. Whether the team is chess or soccer it is an opportunity to learn and work with others. Those of us in small businesses this still apply’s because who we can rally to our team impacts are client and referral base. The more we learn about working with others the smoother life flows for us. If you want to test this theory out do the homework.

Pick one day in the week and for half a day respond curtly or ignore those around you trying to interact with you ( do not act mean just indifferent). Check how people react to you and how you feel. Then for the rest of the day be kind and open and gentle with those around you. Check how people react to you and how you feel. Then you decide does being involved on the team help with flow?

Greta Jaeger, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach

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